Coming To ARI Recycling Summit – Hollander Training

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This training will include these three sessions from 1-4pm Saturday afternoon.  These sessions are for all Powerlink users and employees as well as anyone interested in learning more about this auto recycling management system.  There is no additional charge for these sessions as they are included in your Summit registration fees.


Powerlink Inventory Management

This session provides training on using Powerlink® tools to intake vehicles, manage existing inventory, update and manage part prices, and use Hollander CoreConnectsm to maximize revenues from scrap vehicles.


Powerlink System Management

Learn to manage your Powerlink system and how to adjust the settings to work best for your business. This session provides training on Powerlink business, store, and employee settings. Learn to take control of your Powerlink settings and make them work for you. Establish email settings for statements and orders to save time and money sending out monthly statements.


Tips for Establishing a Successful Online Presence

Learn tips for establishing a successful online presence using Powerlink, Snap-It, and EDEN® Pics. Get tips on preparing your inventory, business, and staff to succeed in online sales.